MCG ASIA | Branding
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Occupy minds, win hearts.

We understand how important it is for you to be able to communicate clearly and simply with your customers.

That is why, we create craft and design simple stories in your preferred medium.

Set the stage for your story to be told.


What better way to tell your story than in a video? Experience our unique way of presenting who you are and what you do in an engaging, vibrant, creative and effective way.


Digital or print, we make every effort to wow your readers. We conceptualise, design and manage the content of your brochures to best represent your brand.


As a business operating in Asia you have no option but to speak in the language of your customers. We recognise translations are more than just words – they need to resonate the meaning and intention of the message.

Say it right Voice Training

More than just training pronunciation and enunciation, voice training is key to differentiating your brand. Professionally trained voices speak your brand convincingly, enthusiastically and establishes that vital connection you need with your callers.

Brand Story

A brand connects purpose, engages people and gives meaning to customer service.

Learning to express your brand starts with storytelling.

The art of bringing your brand characteristics to life is our mission.

Call us today at 603 7665 9909 or Email us at