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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

There’s more than meets the eye

Don’t let the complex world of IVR fool you. It’s easy. Really. With us. We’ll show you how IVR is indispensable to opening boundless marketing opportunities and building better brand experience.

Humanizing the IVR experience

The first thing you should know about us, is that we love to simplify things. We think out-of-the-box to translate complex IVR ideas into straightforward designs for a seamless caller experience. We call it, humanizing the IVR experience.

We’re more than just a studio

Our IVR services extends beyond recording, to include comprehensively all other aspects of a great IVR experience. From consulting, design, scripting, recording, implementation and review, you’ll get all that you need in just one place at an affordable investment.

And, seriously, we’re the Asian specialists. With a complete range of IVR services in over 24 Asian Languages to choose from, you can be assured we’ve got your business covered anywhere in the continent. Well, except, maybe, for Lhasa.

What happens from the word go

We work together with you to deliver an impeccable self-service design. With our niche expertise and proven track record, we’ll turn your IVR into a desirable destination.

IVR Design

We assist in designing your call flows, scripts and final structure for your IVR. Our keen eye for detail ensures we keep our IVR design simple to navigate.

IVR Recording

We project manage your IVR voice / audio prompts implementation and deliver professionally recorded voice prompts for your IVR.

IVR consultation

We work with you to analyse, review and make sense of the IVR statistics and trends. This promotes improvement strategies, better forecasting, and drive satisfaction.

IVR Management

We support and manage your IVR recording changes and updates on an ongoing basis. IVR recordings are archived for quality monitoring purposes, creating an audio library to assist with future needs.

Call us today at 603 7665 9909 or Email us at